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Finally, A Board Game EVERYONE* Can Agree On!

The FUN new board game everyone can play (*but WOKE people won't like)!

What's more FUN than poking fun of democrats, liberals and the "WOKE"? Playing the WOKE! Board Game™ which pokes fun of democrats, liberals, and the "WOKE"!

From COVID to GENDERS to "gLObaL WarMiNg" to the BORDER, and more, WOKE! Board Game™ (an -Opoly style tabletop game) has it all! You can either make money, or lose it! It's a game of luck and strategy meant to be played with family, friends, and frenemies, with the bottom line being:

Get Woke, Go Broke!

THEY Them Poker Card -FINAL


WOKE! Board Game Contains 1 20"x 20" Game Board, 19 Community Cards, 7 Owner Cards, 2 Dice, 6 Pawns, and TONS of Play Money

Sample Community / Owner Cards

Book Poker Card2 - FINAL
Trump Poker Card2 - FINAL
Church Poker Card - FINAL
Rush Poker Card3 - FINAL

Everything You Need To Know About Woke! Board Game

Proudly Made in the United States

©2023 Vontae Mack LLC. WOKE! Board Game™. All rights reserved.
Safety Warning: This board game contains small parts and is not intended for children under the age of 8.
Also, WOKE individuals could find their "feelings" hurt and need therapy after playing.
Actual game and parts may look different.

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